The Holy Bigotry
16 Aug 2017
What would the world look like without bigotry, without religion, without violating politics and moralism? - The process of making The Holy Bigotry has been extremely painful. Nevertheless, I feel this film had to be made. The composition «Warning Zero» Op.54a is as much a part of this anti-bigotry manifesto as the images are; it is the actual foundation of the film. My intention with this film is not to prove religion wrong, because that may also be considered bigotry. Instead, I take a look back in history to show some of the dire consequences of religion and bigoted politics. For me to cope with life, any existential questions must be left open. There may be no definite answers. Flint Juventino Beppe, director and composer (and narrator) Once upon a time, long before human beings began circling around selfishness and power-madness, no bigotry existed; there was no moral frenzy and no discrimination between people. Food, clothes, goods and sex were exchanged for some kind of

About Flint Juventino Beppe

- It is really as simple as it is complicated: I breathe in what life has to offer, and breathe out what I have to offer life. I have given up trying to grasp what actually happens in the process from impression to expression.

Flint Juventino Beppe

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