10 Jul 2013
Boundless Reflections
It has always been like that. When I take a look at the mountains or the sky, I realize I cannot spend my time on anything but grandness. It's that or nothing. It would be pathetic. My nature denies me to acknowledge "experimental" or ism-ba...
20 Feb 2013
Boundless Reflections
I think it is strange how life can surprise when it is dynamic and intense. Out of a mysterious nothing, two dogs suddenly appeared in my life. Back in the early 90s, I got to know two dogs closely when I was working with several new works. Be...
8 Jan 2013
Boundless Reflections
As with all previous years, for me 2013 starts with a time challenge: how to deal with Time Power. I have a dream. Though, I know I am not the only one. I dream the same every year: that all people can obtain total individual freedom, and t...
12 Sep 2012
Boundless Reflections
Tomas Evjen, my close friend and colleague since mid-80´s, is dead. Writing this feels both surreal and sad. Life is an unpredictable place. Tomas was my regular and trusted cameraman in the ongoing "Symbiophonies" series, most recently the Direc...
30 Mar 2012
Boundless Reflections
It is a curious fact that long before I knew why I struggled the way I did in the conventional world (due to my Asperger's perhaps) I wrote about the same things that occupy my mind today. I have not developed or changed my reflections about matte...
9 Feb 2012
Boundless Reflections
I am very satisfied that the lyrics of several songs have been translated. In 2013 a selection of these songs will be re-recorded - dressed in English… If you would like to try out these songs yourself, a songbook including guitar chords will b...
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- It is really as simple as it is complicated: I breathe in what life has to offer, and breathe out what I have to offer life. I have given up trying to grasp what actually happens in the process from impression to expression.

Flint Juventino Beppe

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