«Obituary» Op.70 No.3 (Beppe) | Beynon / Ashkenazy / Philharmonia
18 Sep 2018
Composer: Flint Juventino Beppe. Performed by Emily Beynon, flute and Philharmonia Orchestra, conducted by Vladimir Ashkenazy. From the Grammy-nominated album Flute Mystery. Cat. No. 2L58SABD. Composer: Flint Juventino Beppe. Mvt. No.3 from «Flute Concerto No.1» Op.70. Sheet music: Album: LowRes stereo version. Duration: 5.06. Illegal distribution or copying strictly prohibited. All rights reserved by the producers Flint Juventino Beppe & Lindberg Lyd AS, 20©09. «Flute Concerto No.1» Op.70 is dedicated to Emily Beynon. First performed in St. John's Smith Square, London, by Emily Beynon & Philharmonia Orchestra, conducted by Vladimir Ashkenazy. – Beppe is one of a handful of composers who are able to create the rare experience of enchanted silence in their music -- Beppe's «Flute Concerto No.1» Op.70 contains several such moments. Even though his tools are a "conventional" orchestra using "conventio

About Flint Juventino Beppe

- It is really as simple as it is complicated: I breathe in what life has to offer, and breathe out what I have to offer life. I have given up trying to grasp what actually happens in the process from impression to expression.

Flint Juventino Beppe

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