Exhaling Music | Trailer
18 Sep 2018
"We only had the next day to finish the recording sessions. We were, it seemed, trapped." With Philharmonia Orchestra, Vladimir Ashkenazy, National Symphony Orchestra, Leonard Slatkin, Sir James Galway, Emily Beynon, Catherine Beynon and Lindberg Lyd AS. In this documentary, we follow the production of the Grammy-nominated album Flute Mystery (2L). «Above all it is Flint Juventino Beppe’s innate modesty and sheer natural musicianship that shines through.» (The Classical Reviewer, UK) Rent or Buy on Vimeo: Exhaling Music | Digging Deeper Documentary, 2009, 56 min. Director: Trond Eliassen. Produced by News on Request AS. Alternative title: Å puste ut musikk.

About Flint Juventino Beppe

- It is really as simple as it is complicated: I breathe in what life has to offer, and breathe out what I have to offer life. I have given up trying to grasp what actually happens in the process from impression to expression.

Flint Juventino Beppe

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